6 reasons to choose a desktop computer, not a laptop

By | 10.12.2018

6 reasons to choose a desktop computer, not a laptop

After last week, we have covered 5 reasons to choose a laptop, not a desktop, it’s time to give some arguments in favor of the good old desktop PC.

Fortunately, there is no written or unwritten rule that dictates that a man should own only a laptop or only a desktop computer. On the contrary – the experience shows that a significant part of the modern user features and stationary and mobile machine, each of which has its valuable application in performing a range of tasks.

It is for this reason and to avoid one-sidedness, let’s look at some areas that desktop computers still surpass mobile counterparts.


Although in recent years the difference in speed between desktop computers and their laptop alternatives gradually melts, desktop machines still have the advantage in this respect. Depending on the specific hardware configuration, the difference can vary from 20-30% in applications (for example games) to 35-40% (in the case of components of an older generation).

The reason for this is the advantages of desktop computers is first of all that when designing their manufacturers need not adhere to such a significant extent strict requirements for maximum energy efficiency that are required when developing mobile systems. In other words, desktops are more powerful including at the expense of higher energy consumption.

So if you insist on maximum performance, which is able to provide modern computer technology, all the arguments on the side of the desktop.

Possible upgrade

6 причин выбрать настольный компьютер, а не ноутбук

This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of desktop configurations to all laptops. Chassis of mobile computers as necessary (and default) should be thin, light and compact – the constraint that a desktop computer does not need to comply with.

For this reason, they offer infinitely more opportunities for upgrades and endless experiments.

This ability also implies another advantage of desktop-class computers is the ability to extend the life of the configuration by replacing only some of its components. On laptops this option is often limited and sometimes non-existent. When the mobile configuration will become obsolete morally and physically, sooner or later it will completely replace the other.

Comfortable work

Because desktop computers do not have to match the physical requirements volume/size, they offer better ergonomics of use. For example, for a number of users-designed and comfortable keyboard is the determining factor when choosing a notebook, because it is the key to fast and accurate printing. However, the search of a model that offers ergonomic in every sense of the keyboard may take a lot of time, as due to the size of laptops and the desire to achieve light weight, manufacturers often make compromises that negatively affect the convenience of the keyboard unit. On the other hand, find a comfortable keyboard for a desktop computer is much easier, especially considering that most of them come with standard desktop variantom layout, which is considered the ideal ergonomics.

Well as desktop PCs can be equipped with a screen diagonal of more than 20 inches, while a typical laptop usually has 15-17 inch screen. For specific tasks such as professional video processing or digital image, the larger screen is an important requirement, therefore, for this kind of activities of a desktop computer is a better choice.


6 причин выбрать настольный компьютер, а не ноутбук

The argument that should not be neglected. Modern desktop computers have a so-called modular design, i.e. they are made up of separate, easily replaceable and maintainable independently from other components. Search and Troubleshooting in a desktop computer takes much less time and effort than in laptops.

By necessity and design of mobile PCs are highly integrated systems. Many of their components (e.g., CPU, GPU) soldered to the system Board, and replacing them is a fairly complex operation that can be performed only in a specialized service center with special equipment and appliances for repair.


The mobile nature of the laptop gives you greater freedom of use, but at the same time greatly increases the risk of loss, theft or mechanical damage. Have a desktop computer, no such problems – the chance to drop him at work, and thus damage the hard disk with important information is practically zero. In the same way is the case with the likelihood that it will be stolen, forgotten in a Park or at the airport.


This is the most controversial argument in favor of the portable computer. Components of which are assembled two seemingly identical configuration — desktop and mobile — usually differ, sometimes substantially. Although to the layman they may be subject to direct comparison, from an engineering point of view to do so. Most mobile versions of existing models of Central and graphics processors, for example, less powerful than their desktop counterparts. From this point of view, mobile processor Intel Core i7 offers performance equal to the one in the desktop version of the chip such as the Intel Core i5.

For this reason, a direct comparison of prices is not a good idea, and given the choice between a desktop or a portable computer configuration is better to look for the opinion of a competent specialist, who will explain the difference between hardware components from an engineering point of view.

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