5 tools to protect folders in Windows password

By | 10.12.2018

5 tools to protect folders in Windows password

Many users have long been waiting for Microsoft to add the Windows native feature that allows you to protect certain folders with password (for example, which contain sensitive information). So far this has not happened, and so we have no choice but to use programs created by third-party developers. However, even though such programs are many, most of them do not differ a special quality. We tested more than 20 tools of this type and have selected the 5 best of them.


LocK-A-FoLdeR is an ideal solution for the most demanding users. The program uses only one master password and has a very simple user interface. Moreover, the program does not offer any settings.

5 инструментов для защиты папок в Windows паролем

After you select the folders that need protection, all you need to do is to close the application. Instead of using encryption, this program simply hides the folders from any user who might try to access it. To restore access to your protected folders, you will have to access LocK-A-FoLdeR and use the unlock button (UnLock).

This program is available completely free of charge.

Download LocK-A-FoLdeR

Folder Guard

This is one of the best tested programs. It has many functions and they all work very well. With Folder Guard you can secure files and folders using individual passwords or just hide and lock them. The interface looks great – it is well structured and very easy to use. The folders that you want to protect, you can select in the tree list, or just drag them into the program window.

5 инструментов для защиты папок в Windows паролем

A really useful feature of the program is the ability to create filters for different types of files so that they will be protected automatically. In addition, you can selectively assign privileges to your user accounts on your computer.

This is a paid program but has a trial version that works for 30 days. The full version costs $59.95. Buying it, you will receive updates to any new version during the first year of use. In addition, one license can be used on 2 computers. However, after the first year, if you would like to receive further updates, you will have to pay for a new license.

Download Folder Guard

Folder Protector

To protect folders this program uses encryption. Folder Protector does not require installation. Thus, all you need to do is run the executable, select a folder, enter the password twice and click «Protect». All files within the encrypted folder will be hidden and you will find there is only a small executable file that you need, when you want to unlock the folder.

5 инструментов для защиты папок в Windows паролем

The program is free with some restrictions. You can also configure it to use 256-bit encryption only if you purchase the Pro version, which costs $22.95.

Download Folder Protector

Folder Lock Lite

Folder Lock Lite is another good program that allows you to protect folders, files and even entire drives. When you first start you are prompted to enter a master password. This password will be used for each folder or file that you choose to block. Then you can just drag the items you want to protect, in the main program interface. All folders selected for protection will be immediately locked and hidden. No one can access them without your password.

5 инструментов для защиты папок в Windows паролем

The trial version allows you to use this program for 30 days. For future use you will have to pay $39.95.

Download Folder Lock Lite

Protected Folder

This software is easy to use and has nice and intuitive user interface. It uses a single master password for all the folders you choose to protect.

To add folders, use the «Add» button, but you can just drag them into the program interface. Protected Folder offers several options, including ways in which you can block access to folders for users that have no password.

5 инструментов для защиты папок в Windows паролем

It is also worth mentioning that you can’t uninstall this program without first entering the master password. During the removal of all your protected folders will be automatically unlocked. This eliminates the risk of data loss.

20 runs of the program is given free without any restrictions. The license for one year costs 600 rubles.

Download Protected Folder

What we learned during testing

No need to install more than one program of this type. We are faced with a problem when the program blocked each other, and we could not access the folders protected by one program after installing another.

Another problem is that most programs of this type I forget to unlock protected folders with them when you remove them. Thus, you can easily lose access to your data. However, the programs described above do not have this disadvantage, so that after deletion you will not be locked or hidden folders.

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