5 reasons why you should use Office Online

By | 09.12.2018

5 reasons why you should use Office Online

Microsoft is famous for his ability to keep up with new trends, but when the company still manages to get on Board, it often tries to make up for lost time due to a whole lot of money and a huge team of software engineers.

This strategy seems to be working with Office Online, a cloud-based version of the world’s most popular office Suite that is completely free (with limitations) and offers a buffet of useful features. You can benefit from Office Online, even if the copy of Office you already have on your computer.

Office Online is free

One of the most significant drawbacks of Office has always been its price. This software is quite expensive and many people simply can’t afford such a purchase. However, Office Online is one of the few ways that you can use Office for free, and on an ongoing basis and without any serious restrictions. Also with office web apps from Microsoft, each person is provided with 15 GB of cloud storage on OneDrive, which is much more than you need for most users to store only the Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

So what’s the catch? Office Online is a great tool, but it is not a full version of Office. As with web document editor from Google, Office Online there are restrictions on what you can do. No Word advanced formatting in Excel is limited functionality to work with charts, and PowerPoint cannot be used to insert a video. However, you can open, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with the available functions will be more than enough to create a summary or budgeting their finances, for example.

Access to documents from anywhere

One of the most obvious advantages is Office Online integration with cloud storage. Documents, spreadsheets or presentations, and edited using the online interface will be automatically saved in OneDrive and can be opened from any computer. Of course, you can save the files on your local computer, but by default they are saved in the cloud.

In other words, Office Online works like any other online service for productivity. And this is a huge benefit for a large number of Office users. Office was not related to OneDrive before the release of Office 2013, so many users with older versions of office (for PC and for Mac) there is no access to this feature.

Of course, you could get integration with the cloud, just paid for the upgrade, but it will not look attractive if you are already satisfied with what your version of the office Suite. And Office Online is free and available instantly, making it the ideal way to update for budget-conscious users.

Exchange and collaborate on documents in real-time

Documents created in Office Online are easy to share with others, as they are automatically saved in the cloud from Microsoft, which, as you know, allows you to share files with other people with a Microsoft account or by creating and sending links. Other users can give permission to work together with you on a document in real time, with each of the participants in the collaboration will see the changes made by others.

5 причин, почему вы должны использовать Office Online

Good or bad, but this is still only for the online version. Even Office 365 subscribers can’t do the same thing from a desktop application, although they have a richer range of options for joint work in offline mode.

Cross-platform compatibility

Desktop Office applications are still limited to Windows and Mac, but Office Online can be accessed on all devices with a browser.

5 причин, почему вы должны использовать Office Online

Office Online makes it an excellent solution for anyone who owns an Android tablet with a keyboard, a computer with Linux or chromacom. Yes, you can use Google Documents or other similar services, but Office Online provides the highest supported file format office, fifteen gigabytes of cloud space and a convenient connection with Office 365, if you already have a subscription, or do you plan to buy it in the future.

Simplified workflow

Chromebook from Google have proven that a simplified operating environment has value to users. Limited opportunities do not distract attention, and automatically saved in the cloud eliminates the need for folder navigation. Limited set of features can lead to more efficient workflow, if you don’t need advanced features.

Office Online provides is the advantage of a familiar environment. No, he is not as powerful as full version of Office, but gives everything you need for home and even professional users.

Also the online version is surprisingly fast, and on computers with little memory and slow hard drive Office Online works faster than a desktop application. And because the files are stored in the cloud, they won’t take up valuable space on your hard disk and not lost in a tangle of folders that many organized not the best way.

5 причин, почему вы должны использовать Office Online

I want to say that Office Online is a very effective tool. I have Office 2010 on my laptop and Office 2013 on the desktop, both I use regularly. However, I found that the vast majority of my work easier to do in Office Online. Just give this tool a chance and who knows, maybe it will completely change your workflow.

Microsoft Office Online is not superior to Google Documents and does not stand out as the best online platform, but it’s the obvious choice for users who are hooked to the Microsoft ecosystem. The interface looks just like desktop applications, except for some missing tabs with features, which means you do not need to be retrained. In addition, the service is fast and free, and for these reasons it deserves the attention of any user.

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