5 reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

By | 10.12.2018

5 reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

Most of the users around the world still continue to use operating systems from Microsoft. But the system on the Linux kernel developed not less active, and is now ready to compete with the world’s most popular OS. It so happened that when they began to appear EN masse computers in our homes has been popular with Windows 95 or 98, then there is a new system and for the average user, Windows has been long understood and researched.

In the days of Windows 95 and later, Linux was without a GUI and mostly understandable only to programmers. Despite the development of GUI on Linux these days, most users do not want to deal with it and continue to use Windows.

5 причин перейти с Windows на Linux

Let’s look at the advantages of Linux systems:

  • Linux is completely free. This operating system is open source, so anyone programmer can modify the code and release their own build and no one will sue him in court for plagiarism, etc. For a licensed copy of Windows you will have to pay up to $ 200, which is quite essential.
  • Driver. After you install Linux you do not need to search for drivers all over the Internet or install them from the disk that came in the kit, for example, with a laptop. After installation once everything is working, and video and sound and connected the printer, etc. In Windows also need to spend half a day to install and find all relevant drivers.
  • Installing programs in Linux is happening with the repositories over the Internet. To install the software in the system do not need to run around the Internet and download or buy a program like Windows. Most programs for Linux are free, and even open source.
  • In Linux is missing the system registry, which eventually becomes clogged and it starts to slow down the system. Linux will work just as well as immediately after the installation even after several years.
  • In Linux no need to install antivirus that will consume computing resources and slow down computer operation. The majority of viruses are written under Windows, so the user Linux can not worried, besides, the latter system is arranged in such a way that it will catch the virus the problem is quite complicated.

If you delve further into the advantages of operating systems, you can find a lot of advantages for Windows and Linux to each other. But, still, Linux today, there are more benefits.

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