5 reasons to choose a laptop, not a desktop computer

By | 10.12.2018

5 reasons to choose a laptop, not a desktop computer

The choice of a suitable laptop or desktop computer today is very simple… and impossibly complex task. Simple, because the market offers a huge, really huge variety of brands and models with a combination of characteristics for every taste and any budget. But difficult, again, due to the impressive diversity of options offered by the market, provoking a kind of «crisis of abundance» – it’s easy to get confused and lost in the ocean of possibilities.

However, in most cases, the choice of computer comes down to two relatively simple options: desktop or notebook PC.

Today we will focus on several reasons why you should choose a laptop, not desktop classic car.


Let’s start with the most obvious argument: the physical dimensions. Laptop is able to offer much more mobility and freedom of use – not only when you are in motion, in journey, business trip or just on vacation, but in your own home.

In the end you can’t take your desktop computer with you to bed, isn’t it? It would be very impractical. While super-thin and modern models such as the Asus ZenBook, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro or the Acer Switch 10 can always be at hand while relaxing on the couch in the living room while cooking in the kitchen or in the evening in the bedroom.

For comfortable work with a laptop you will rarely need a special table or even a separate work area – will be enough to any smooth, flat surface. Thus, you can save precious space at home or office and use it for other purposes.


5 причин выбрать ноутбук, а не настольный компьютер

The laptop gives you exceptionally wide and flexible opportunities for effective work or play, and almost anywhere. With offline diet, for example, you can use the laptop where even close to no power. And since all of its components neatly arranged in a slim and lightweight case, you don’t have to think about where and how to hide the many cables connecting the main part of the computer peripherals, the keyboard, monitor and mouse.

The presence of built-in modules for wireless communications, which has every modern laptop will provide you with a permanent connection to the Internet and compatible devices, regardless of cables and distance.


The lower performance of the mobile computer compared to a stationary configuration with the same parameters is simply obsolete statement. Yes, in the past, laptop manufacturers had to make compromises in this respect, sacrificing part of their performance due to a more compact size. Today, however, the difference is not significant and even budget laptops provide enough computing power for a wide range of tasks, from serious office work to gaming and multimedia entertainment.

Separately today, it is worth noting portable models of Asus G751 and Lenovo Y70 that are not just on par, and even ahead of a configuration of a substantial part of the current desktops in terms of performance.


Designed to work in Autonomous mode of power most of the time, all the modern laptops are built with high-performance components, characterized by low energy consumption. Desktop versions of many of the Central and graphic processors, displays and other elements of PK will also offer energy-saving functions, but for desktops they are not necessary, so the manufacturers did not pay attention to them. For this reason, the laptop usually consumes many times less energy than a desktop configuration with the same parameters.

A better deal

Another quite popular and stubbornly refuses to die. the myth is that laptops are much more expensive than desktop computers with similar characteristics. Quick breakdown of components and further simple calculations will quickly convince you otherwise. Often even turns out that the same characteristics of a laptop for a few thousand cheaper than a desktop PC.

In addition, the desktop computer eventually turns into a thing that may be difficult to sell as a whole, and often selling for parts is the only way to return part of the sub money. In turn, the laptops are not only better resold on the secondary market, but not so quickly lose in the price.

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