5 interesting applications for Windows Phone 7

By | 10.12.2018

5 interesting applications for Windows Phone 7

We don’t know when Windows Phone 7 will appear in the post-Soviet market, but now sales of mobile phones on the new device are in full swing, and the developers rivet software under the platform by leaps and bounds. Theme Windows Phone 7 becomes more and more relevant and urgent. And therefore from today we will start regularly tell you about some of the most interesting applications on WP7. So, let’s start!

5 любопытных программ для Windows Phone 7

Pictures Lab

Quite an interesting application, which has all chances to become very popular. At its core, it resembles a number of utilities for Mac OS X, image editing on the go. Pictures Lab does the same thing, applying different effects to the images. Such software is extremely popular with ordinary users, who are not professionals in Photoshop, and therefore resort to such simple tools for photo editing. Obviously, Pictures Lab has all the potential to become a hit.


RSS reader which works with your Google Reader. Has a very beautiful interface. In addition, this program can boast of notes sync, so you’ll receive only the new, unread posts from blogs. Finally, there is the possibility to share the link on any post with your friends. The link might even be placed in your Twitter account.

Password Padlock

An application designed to store passwords. Very simple functionality and interface. In fact, he has only one function – to keep the list of passwords to the sites or email. The access password can be obtained by a single master password, to log in to the application. The master-password on the phone is not saved for security purposes. So even with the loss of the phone without his knowledge «attacker» will be able to learn all the data about your accounts.


To some extent ikovskoe app. It is designed for communication with a personal computer. Once entering all the settings, you will be able to access the files on your PC, send them by email or upload to the phone. In General, these programs are convenient and often required by many users. PCConnector the interface is quite ascetic. And process settings, according to some users, is not trivial.


Already from the name it becomes clear that this app is designed to display the weather forecast. Thus, curiously, is the fact that when the show uses an interactive map, which is the highlight of this program.

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