5 free Windows programs to implement timer shutdown PC

By | 10.12.2018

5 free Windows programs to implement timer shutdown computer

Timer, auto off equipped even the most budget TV. This is not a function-a novelty on the market of household appliances, after using control panel to assign the automatic switch-off could still import CRT TVs of the era of 90-ies. But Windows operating system (even in its most actual version 10) with the standard timer auto power off the computer somehow did not happen. Possibility of auto power off the computer the system provides, but it has no intuitive graphical interface, designed for the layman. To start the staff off timer Windows need by pressing +R to invoke a command window «Run» and run the command type:

shutdown-s-t 3600

The last figure of 3600 is the number of seconds in an hour, and it’s replacement value. The increased delay time before auto power off is in seconds, so even if the user over time and remember the command that started the timer, it is still him every time at different time to auto power off the computer have, and often at night, to calculate how many seconds in so many minutes or so many hours. Well, that at least in regular Windows calculator has a graphical interface.

To cancel regular timer auto power off computer, have to remember another team, also entered in the field of the utility Run:


Fortunately, a graphical interface for timer auto power off computer can be implemented using third-party programs for Windows. Below is a look at five of those, three of them is a separate small utility to implement the auto power off timer in Windows, and the other two – mediaprograms with the ability to turn off the computer for added functions. All participants of review – free program.

Links to the official website to download the programs:

  • Last Task (http://alonewolfsoft.ru/last_task.htm);
  • «Off timer» (http://anvidelabs.org/programms/toff);
  • Wise Auto Shutdown (http://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-auto-shutdown.html);
  • GOM Player (http://player.gomlab.com);
  • AIMP (http://www.aimp.ru).
  • 1. Last Task

    Overview let’s start with the most primitive of the participant is a small portable utility from the Last Task developed by Alonewolf Software. It is a simple graphical interface for timer auto power off the computer. Clicking the «New task», will get the opportunity to enter the time (hours and minutes) after which the computer automatically turns off.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера

    The Last Task allows you to cancel the auto power off computer

    There are no other possibilities in the utility anymore.

    2. «Off timer»

    The program «Timer off» from the developer AnvideLabs is also a product minimalist, but the opportunities for power management of a computer it a little more. In addition to auto power off at a specified and within the prescribed time and by the same token, the program can computer to restart, hibernate and sleep, to throw out of account the Windows lock screen, disable the Internet and even off the monitor.

    All of these capabilities can be tied not only to a given time, but also to the event of the closure of one open in the system application window.

    The program «Timer off» there is even a small section with the settings. In a number of settings – change preset light themes to dark and set password for timer control auto power off.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера

    3. Wise Auto Shutdown

    About the same functionality that the second party review, implemented in the program Wise Auto Shutdown from the developer WiseCleaner, the Creator of another, more well-known programs to clean and optimize Windows – Wise Care 365. Wise Auto Shutdown also allows the computer to shut down, reboot, enter sleep mode and waiting to throw out of the account on the lock screen of the system at a specified time or after a certain period of time. Plus, Wise Auto Shutdown allows for configuring the auto power off daily at a certain time, and also auto off during idle time of the computer.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера


    A love before going to bed to watch a movie. Inspected until the end of the film, of course, in rare cases, insomnia, or high blood pressure. In such cases about the ending of the movie more know waking the neighbors in the panel apartment buildings with thin walls. There is another type of people who used to fall asleep to easy relaxing music or audio books on a high philosophy. Knowing about the features falling asleep to your custom audience, the developers of the popular media players GOM Player and AIMP in their software products allow auto power off of the computer. If the computer video is viewed using GOM Player if music listening through AIMP audio player, timer auto power off the computer in a separate program is not needed. Auto power off the computer have on Board these two media players. How to find her?

    4. GOM Player

    Timer auto power off computer is Player GOM – simple. Using the context menu in the player window, clicking «Settings», among other options, see the option to shutdown the computer after playback of the current title or playlist. For activation timer auto power off you can use hotkeys GOM Player – Ctrl+Z.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера

    5. AIMP

    But AIMP audio player there is a fully functional task scheduler, which includes power management of the computer. Button started the program’s interface with a default skin made to the toolbar. If the other skins use this button on the toolbar is not provided, the start-up of scheduler is always possible to implement in the menu AIMP.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера

    In the scheduler window you must activate the option «Enable sleep timer» and choose the desired option, power off the computer – at this time, through this period, at the end of the playback of the audio file or the playlist. Plus, AIMP allows you to set the length of time over which to smoothly decrease the volume.

    5 бесплатных Windows-программ для реализации таймера выключения компьютера

    In addition, the computer can be automatically sent into sleep mode or hibernate mode.

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