41% of users of Windows 10 Technical Preview testing the system on a classical PC

By | 10.12.2018

41% of users of Windows 10 Technical Preview testing the system on a classical PC

According to official statistics from Microsoft, almost 1 million users to test a preview version of Windows 10, known as Windows 10 Technical Preview, which was released on 1 October.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has returned some previously «buried» functions, mixing elements of Windows 7 with those of modern platforms. The company hopes that these changes will push users to install Windows 10 on their devices, especially on the PC used with the keyboard and mouse. And this happens in fact, in accordance with the new statistical data of the company.

According to Twitter posts from the official representative of Microsoft, about 41% of users of Windows 10 Technical Preview use the system on a PC, while 32% are testing it on laptops. Only 22% of registered program participants Windows Insider Program using a virtual machine to test Windows 10 Technical Preview, and 2% meet her cat.

41% пользователей Windows 10 Technical Preview тестируют систему на классических ПК

Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 3 is also used for testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview in a production environment, but did not disclose specific information about how many tablets involved in the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 comes with a number of improvements in the desktop environment aimed at users who are mainly using the mouse and keyboard. For example, version 10 restores the start menu, supports multiple desktops and allows you to easily manage the tasks and applications.

Microsoft plans to add even more improvements and innovations, including the PC version of voice assistant Cortana, which is known for smartphones with Windows Phone. It is expected that a full version of Cortana will be integrated closer to final version of Windows 10.

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