3 Microsoft Band can be waterproof

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Band 3 can be waterproof

Microsoft Band 3 может быть водонепроницаемым

One of the major drawbacks of bracelets Microsoft Band and Band 2 is the lack of any protection from water. According to the company, both devices are not afraid of water splashing, but there are cases when devices fail even due to perspiration, not to mention completely submerged in the liquid.

Protection from water can be one of the features of the third version of the Band, as evidenced by the patent for a completely waterproof battery compartment. The application was filed on may 30, 2014, and the patent was received by the company last week. Date of application suggests that the waterproof housing was planned for the first version of the Band, but apparently Microsoft failed to realize his idea in the first nor in the second model.

Microsoft Band 3 может быть водонепроницаемым

In the diagram, which is attached to the application shows a device very similar to a fitness tracker Microsoft. To protect the battery compartment, the company plans to use a thermoplastic elastomer. It is likely that Band 3 will offer not just a certain level of protection, and it will be with a fully waterproof shell that will definitely appeal to fans of water sports, for which the current version of the bracelet, alas, useless.

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