3 important changes on the new version of Google Chrome

By | 10.12.2018

3 important facts about the new version of Google Chrome

Not so long ago released the official 56th release of the Google Chrome browser, which is available for Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS and Linux. The beta testing began in December last year, and in late January, users have seen a stable version of the program.

When naming versions of browsers has changed dramatically: instead of something like, users received 17, 25, and 40 later version, and surprisingly clumsy Chrome browser turned into a top product, which is used most worldwide?

The outer form 56 version has not changed, but the same cannot be said about the functionality of the browser.

3 важных изменения о новой версии Google Chrome


The developers have improved the algorithm restarts the web page. Now re-display of the resource occurs at 28 percent faster. To achieve the increase in performance was possible thanks to the optimization of the verification process of the active sources, now more data is loaded from the cache.

Fight with Flash

Another stake in the heart of the flash. It’s time to send this technology to the archive, and Google is very actively working on it with Apple.

In the new version is now disabled by default Flash support. This technology has long been considered archaic and is criticized for the large number of security problems, but it is still quite popular on some sites.

To display multimedia content, Google recommends using HTML5.

Many small improvements

Added support for many new APIs and CSS, which will certainly appreciate the developers. Also implemented the ability to playback audio format FLAC. This can be considered a big plus for MacOS users, this operating system, this format is not supported by the standard tools.

In addition, the browser began to warn about the transmission of private information to sites that do not support secure protocols.

As you can see, the list of changes is not small. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade your browser to all Google Chrome users, except those who love to watch the videos in background tabs.

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