20 years ago Microsoft released Windows 95

By | 10.12.2018

20 years ago Microsoft released Windows 95

20 лет назад Microsoft выпустила Windows 95

Today, August 24, marks 20 years since the launch of Windows 95 is the first operating system in the Windows series with support for 16 — and 32-bit graphical user interface, which were sold until 2001.

The launch of Windows 95 was accompanied by a huge advertising campaign that included a series of television commercials with the song «Start Me Up» from the Rolling Stones as background music. In this version of the OS debuted and the famous start button, which has been preserved until today (taking a short break in Windows 8).

Thanks to its innovative for the time interface, which greatly simplified the use of the computer, Windows 95 quickly spread among owners and PC users, allowing Microsoft to establish itself in the operating system market and take a dominant position. Windows 95 also marked the transition from 16 — to 32-bit architecture code. And Yes, the famous Explorer was born in the hot summer of the same 1995.

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