1Password – secure password Manager for Windows

By | 10.12.2018

1Password – secure password Manager for Windows

To store passwords in the clear, even on the removable media – not the best idea. If the media, God forbid, lost, the consequences can be very unpleasant for the owner. To store confidential information must be encrypted in two copies and preferably on a portable media. Even if it falls into the wrong hands, read its contents, a potential intruder can not, and you will have time to take appropriate action.

This approach to the storing of important data, provide password managers, one of which we will look at today. Is 1Password – known in the Western sector of the Internet password Manager for storing passwords, credit card numbers, short notes and attached files of any formats. Data protection hybrid utility uses AES encryption with 128 — or 256-bit mask. Work with 1Password starts with creating a master password that allows you to log into the program. The strength of the password is critical, so it needs to be as complicated.

By the way, when you enter the master password you can use Secure Desktop, which obviously is an additional protection against interception of the password by keyloggers. Then the utility will ask you to select a location for the working directory 1Password.agilekeychain serving as a container for storing encrypted files. Such containers may be several, and each of them will need to come up with your master password. In the initial setup process the user may be prompted to install the browser extensions for IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

1Password is equipped with user-friendly interface with support of sorting items by categories and opportunity to create their own directories. Depending on the selected item (note, account, license, etc.) the Manager offered to fill in the appropriate fields. For example, if you select the Wallet item -> Credit Cart, you will need to enter the type and the card number, expiration date, contact information of the Bank. In General, such «blanks» in the program abound. There are templates for cloud services, license keys, software, mailboxes, settings, routers, servers, proof of identity documents, and so on.

To facilitate work with the application developers had implemented functions generate complex passwords, a quick search through the database, copying logins and passwords to clipboard, send by email, create backups, add items to your favourites, and integration with cloud service Dropbox.

Summing up a brief summary, highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of 1Password. The first is high reliability, the built-in password generator, to prevent interception of passwords in a single window integration with browsers, create backups, sync with Dropbox and the presence of built-in templates. The disadvantages of a Manager could be considered a relatively high cost in $of 34.99 and a lack of editorial for Windows Russian language. You can use the application and for the free (trial) mode, but then his opportunities will be limited.

Developer website: agilebits.com/onepassword

1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows1Password – надежный менеджер паролей для Windows

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