1C — the features and benefits of software for business

By | 10.12.2018

1C: the use and capabilities of the software

Most companies require employees related to Finance availability of skills in the program 1C. Of course, many have heard about the program, most people, regardless of whether they work in accounting or are in the tax inspections, had to deal with it.

Program 1C: Accounting for what and where it is used

Program 1C accounting is produced and published by the 1C company, originally developed the software was designed to conduct, simplification and automation of accounting and taxation in various enterprises and companies. In addition, the system allowed the owners to control the activities of his company, and the state was given the opportunity to freely and easily check the legality of doing business. In simple terms, the program allowed to reduce the possibilities of keeping clandestine accounts.

1С Бухгалтерия - возможности и преимущества софта для бизнеса

The program allows you to simplify accounting and tax accounting

Over the years the system has become to enjoy great popularity, therefore the developer has released a number of interrelated functionality between programs. Today, most firms operate simultaneously in two programs: 1C and 1C. The last published and updated on the latest changes in legislation and technology is the new version 1C: Accounting TRAC 8.3 (3.0).

1C is a paid software and it costs dearly, you can buy it directly from the developer, and it is possible in order to save rent and to use the online version with a monthly payment. Rent is full use of the software, the connection via a secure communication channel selected by the user number of remote jobs with online access from anywhere, from any modern device.

In addition, the user is provided with round-the-clock informational and technical support and a free first month of using the service. Learn more about the conditions and benefits of rent 1C 8.3 PROF and other products from 1C you can find on the official website: https://arenda-it.ru/

Features of the program 1C accounting

It should be noted that since the release of the first version of the software, 1C Accounting has undergone over half a million adjustments and changes. Besides the fact that it is fully adapted to the Russian legislation, the developers of the product 1S made improvements and adjustments. Today, working with the program more than 12 partner countries.

Program 1C Accounting allows you to:

  • Count in automatic mode, the salary of the employee
  • Assists with the preparation of tax returns
  • Controls the turnover
  • Allows you to monitor the workflow
  • Suitable for large businesses and for small businesses. Most often Russia, it employs public institutions and individual enterprise.

Today, 1C is a nearly perfect system for accountants. In the country more and more courses in the program. It is worth noting that having a basic knowledge of it is quite simple to understand, because the program is written for people.

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